Features Of Docufix


Grammar Check

Docufix grammar checker corrects over 100 types of grammar and spelling mistakes, including verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, and more. In offering you advanced correction software, Docufix allows you to improve the quality of your writing and master English pronunciation.

Word duplicate

Remove Duplicates

One of the main problem in document is that most of the words that are duplicated also appear in the previous line, which makes it difficult to achieve your goal. If you want to remove all duplicated text effortlessy, your best option is Docufix.

File checker

Compare files

We help you compare files and texts, and generate differences in a visual text format which is easy to manage and understand. Comparing hundreds of files can be a tedious task, there are high chances that you would miss out on something. Here we make that easy for you.


Nice user interface and experience. Very detailed to the core and simple to use. Nice work guys. This one of the best websites I use in checking for duplicates in my files and text.

Kinsley Umujeyan

Great tools! Very useful tools for our daily activities, we all know the importance of this, despite the advances in technology; this tool is still the best form of checking documents.

Martini Mabifa

Science kindling the energy hidden in matter astonishment birth of brilliant sysntheses rings of Uranus. Stirred by starlight descended. Good job to the team that built this lovely app

Isuma Chidera

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